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As a poet, activist, speaker and teacher for over 25 years, I remain dedicated to using my personal and professional experience, as well as my education and skills to assist people in exploring the truths of their own lives, in terms of both their histories and their dreams, the past that helps to shape us and the future that is always calling us forward to living into the lives that I believe want to live through us. I believe that when we live from the core of these truths, our lives offer us unending guidance and hope in building our personal and collective experiences into ones of truth, empowerment, justice and possibility.

My goals with this site are to provide each of you with not only information about my upcoming appearances and publications, but to also provide a wide array of resources focused on healing and empowerment, activism and advocacy, social and political engagement and creativity and spirituality, all of which have been the core of my own work and life for many years. If you’d like to learn more about me and my work, please visit the ABOUT DORA section, as well as the SERVICES  page.

The RESOURCES menu offers a  range of programs, organizations, websites and individuals to explore:

If you are in need of resources for healing and support around domestic and sexual violence,
please visit the SURVIVOR’S HEALING page under the above RESOURCES menu option.

If you are interested in activism and social/political engagement, please visit the ACTIVISM RESOURCES page.

If you are interested in POETRY AND WRITING or CREATIVITY and HEALING, both of these pages offer extensive listings of resources.

There are original poems of mine available on on the POEMS page, and my BOOKS and AUDIO OFFERINGS are detailed on those pages in the MARKETPLACE.

The TIMELINE offers an overview of my work, including speeches, performances, original workshops, radio and TV appearances and more. EVENTS TIMELINE and WORKSHOPS details both upcoming appearances and all previous appearances. Join me on FACEBOOK and check back on my BLOG.

If you are need of my BIO or PRESS PHOTO, please visit the PRESS section, where you can also find PRESS COVERAGE of my efforts and appearances.

Finally, I’ll be sending ONE monthly ENEWSLETTER, for which you can sign up on the right sidebar, designed for announcements of my work and the work of other people and programs I support whose efforts address healing and activism, hope and possibility. Our world is changing and I’d love to share with you the pioneers who have dedicated themselves to furthering those changes that are bringing more personal empowerment, community involvement, justice and joy, and hope to us all.

And to each of you doing your own work in your part of the world, I thank you for your courage and commitment, and for the examples that you offer to all of us as we find our way into this world that we are making together.




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Dora’s efforts to use her voice as an means of activism and advocacy, social and political engagement and individual and collective empowerment and healing are funded, in part, by her readers. This website provides a wide array of resources to support visitors in exploring and living into their truths, and the support offered in return has allowed Dora to maintain this website as a community-driven, advertising-free space for over sixteen years. If you find that this website offers you inspiration or support, information or resources that benefit you or your community or you appreciate Dora’s voice and efforts, please consider making a contribution to keep her work and art alive. Thank you.
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