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Photos from my ongoing speaking and book tour with my book, the scorched earth, continue to come in.

Here is one of me taking the stage at the Andrew Carnegie Music Hall and Library in Pittsburgh for the benefit event for Crisis Center North, a key program in the greater Pittsburg area that offers services for survivors of both domestic and sexual violence, on Thursday October 28 2015.

Here is one of me with an event attendee during the book signing at the Carnegie following my speech.

The book singings are always my favorite part of any event for the opportunity they give me to visit with people and hear their stories.

My gratitude to the entire staff of Crisis Center North, especially Executive Director Grace Coleman, for the honor of joining them and for their generous support of my efforts since 2000, to Verizon for their generous corporate sponsorship of the evening, to Geoff Crowe of Alicia Photography for these photos from the evening and to everyone who joined us for the three events I did that night.

All peace to each one of you. Dora
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