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“We are the protectors, not the protesters. We are peacefully defending our land and our ways of life.” —  Iyuskin American Horse, Sicangu (Burnt Thigh)/Oglala Lakota, from Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota

If you are unclear as to the current efforts of Native Americans in the Dakotas to protect their land from the Dakota Access Pipeline, please read this article. It clearly articulates the prophecy of The Black Snake that foretold the impact of this pipeline, as well as the reasons for this unwavering commitment to protect the water that protect the land that protects the people. Water Is Life.

‘We Are Protectors, Not Protesters’: Why I’m Fighting The North Dakota Pipeline

This video by Thom Hartmann is the most important articulation of the current unfolding within the Lakota land regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline that I have come across so far. My gratitude to Thom Hartmann for his commitment to clarifying the history of Native Americans and the present day standoff regarding that pipeline and its clear and encompassing threats.

Will the Lakota Tribe’s Black Snake Prophecy Come True, by Thom Hartmann

Please refer to this listing of phone numbers and call to be counted among those who stand in support of those at Standing Rock. Thank you.

I stand with mad respect and deep gratitude for and with the Lakota people in their courageous and commendable protection of their sacred land, ancestors and the seven generations to come.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

All peace to each one of you. Dora

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