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In celebration of today as International Women’s Day, and the Day Without A Woman Strike, and in honor of the countless women around the world who continue to rise against oppression and injustice, demanding to be seen and heard, counted and considered, and whose courage, conviction and committed action continues to lead the way forward in uplifting the lives of all women.

Women are changing the world, all over the world.

This Huffington Post collection of photos showing women protesting around the world is galvanizing.

60 Stunning Photos Of Women Protesting Around The World

Look at us. Look at how powerfully we have been made. Look at how beautiful that power, passion and presence are when we stand in it and from it, especially when we stand in it and from it together.

Together, we are a force undeniable.

Tell one woman in your life today that she is amazing. Look her in the eye and lift her up, in honor of all of the badass women all over the world.

This photo with Gloria Steinem was taken backstage at Penn State in 2002, after Gloria spoke to a standing room only audience at Eisenhower Auditorium. I was overjoyed to meet Gloria, whose writing stretched my sense of the possibilities for women when I started reading her in my teens and whose fierce and committed activism, not to mention great sense of humor, have continued to inspire me ever since. The list of women who have influenced my work is endless, but today, on International Women’s Day and A Day Without A Woman Strike, I am celebrating every one of them. To all of the women who have inspired and supported me, I thank you and I celebrate your power, passion and presence today.

Please tell one woman in your life today that her badass, bold and beautiful presence is a blessing in your life. All peace to each one
of you today, as we continue to rise together.

2002 Dora and Gloria Steinem

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