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In sixth grade, I met Jennifer Rickards in Reading Class while we were reading Shakespeare out loud, and Jen and I have been dear friends ever since. Our friendship has allowed us to celebrate and support one another for decades. We’ve also kept our promise made during our Senior Year at Unionville – Chadds Ford High School to go to our reunions together. Here we are at our last reunion at the Kennett Square Country Club in Pennsylvania in 2016, shortly before Jen told me about this amazing storytelling project, Three By Five, that she wanted to create and that I have supported ever since.

Since Jen launched Three By Five, she has collected and shared many stories offered by people on three-inch by five-inch notecards from all over the world, and although the stories are obviously brief, they are riveting and resonant. The array of them speaks to the power of one moment to change us, just as my meeting Jen so many years ago changed my life.

Jen is now accepting stories shared on 3×5 notecards exploring THE UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS OF 2020.
Her current newsletter states: “We’re all looking back on 2020 as a formative and unforgettable year. It’s hard to describe without using the words that have been used again and again: unprecedented, unparalleled, extraordinary. Hard times are full of human stories, small and large, joyful and dark. Three by Five is inviting your stories from 2020. Please share a true story that marked your own personal 2020:
1. A moment of deep connection to someone or something.
2. A time you noticed something that had been there all alone.
3. A story of beauty, simple or extravagant.

If these prompts don’t speak to you, any story is welcome. Write your story on a 3” x 5” index card, and send a photo to 
OR mail it to PO Box 308, Etna NH 03750. 

Your story matters, and it will help us all make meaning of the year that was.”

Please check out Three By Five, like Three By Five on Facebook, and join us by sharing one of your stories of unexpected blessings that 2020 offered to you!


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