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Beautiful people, Dora was involved in a serious auto accident in early May 2021, which has required her to focus her energies on recovering from the injuries she sustained in it, causing her absence from her website over these past months.

Dora is out exploring the vastness for a bit, quiet and healing, grateful for it and for you all who have taken the time to reach out to her to offer your support, assistance and many generosities of spirit. She’ll be back here soon, and in her absence, is sending love and grace to hold everyone in the continuing wild unfurling of our lives in this extended moment of disruption and uncertainty, transformation and its many possibilities.

As always, If you are in need of support or assistance around experiences of domestic or sexual violence, please refer to the comprehensive listing of International Resources for Survivors.

If you find that this website offers you inspiration or support, information or resources that benefit you or your community or you appreciate Dora’s voice and efforts, and care to extend your support to keep her work and voice available during her recovery, your support is always appreciated.

Check back soon for an upcoming announcement in the spring of 2023. Stay safe, be well, and may there be love and grace holding you as we enter this new year.


Photo Credit to Pattie Traynor

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