First thought:  Today the daylong is two minutes and three seconds longer than yesterday.

Second thought:  I was born in lightning. It has haunted me ever since.

Third thought:  The first of the lilacs are announcing. My mother’s spirit is among them, looking skyward.

Fourth thought:  When I woke and said aloud: I made it, another year to the mala strand, I heard my father laughing as he replied: Well. Will wonders never cease.

Fifth thought:  The circling ravens, the paired turtledoves and the long shadows stretching, made by light that pierces.

Sixth thought: So much has fallen away. Some of it grieves me, even in the understanding that all that has fallen from me is designed to free me.

Seventh thought:  When I come to you, I will have questions, after I thank you for the mystery of grace and for this living and for my wild, unknowable heart that strives to rise again and again in answer to your calling.

© 2017 Dora E. McQuaid


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