DORA-WITH-BOOK-PROMO-2015-FINALThe official launch of my book, the Expanded, Second Edition of the scorched earth by Baskerville Publishes on February 2, 2015. Thank you all for your presence and support throughout this incredible process. Taos, NM. Photo Credit to Clinton Joseph Murphy and Eliza Lowther Hadley McCarty.
11-1-2015-ME-IN-FRONT-OF-ME-IN-MURALThis photo was taken when I went to see my image for the first time in three years in the Inspiration Mural since Michael Pilato painted it in the seat where Sandusky's once was. I was moved to tears by the hundreds of handprints surrounding my image, handprints of survivors of sexual violence who chose to be counted in the mural. There are no words for this moment. Sunday November 1, 2015. State College, PA. Photo credit to Dawn McKee.
10-5-15-DORA-SPEAKING-AT-PSU-BOOT-MIKEDora returns to give her first public speech in nine years at Penn State University, University Park Campus, Thursday, November 5th! 7:00-8:30 pm at the Penn State University, Hetzel Union Building. I spoke about Student Activism and Empowerment, topics I taught during my years as faculty in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences. When we realized there was no place to clip the lavalier microphone to my dress, I had the new experience of speaking all evening with it clipped to my boots. I felt a little like the J. Lo for activism. Photo credit to Dawn McKee.
Dora McQuaidWith my publisher, Ron Moore of Baskerville Publishers, and pianist, Jose Feghali, Van Cliburn Gold Medalist, in Fort Worth, Texas. The three of us and the poems and the piano, together. May 2014
Dora McQuaidTaking the stage at the Carnegie in Pittsburgh for the benefit event for Crisis Center North, which offers services for survivors of both domestic and sexual violence. My gratitude to the entire staff of Crisis Center North, especially Executive Director Grace Coleman, for the honor of joining them and for their generous support of my efforts since 2000 and to everyone who joined us for the three events I did that night. October 28, 2015, Pittsburgh, PA.

Photo credit to Geoff Crowe of Alicia Photography.
BUTTERFLIES-AND-THE-SCORCHED-EARTHI am deeply honored by this image, created by artists Zoey Taylor and David Connelly of Dosshaus, based on an image Zoey had of my book, the scorched earth. Please visit Dosshaus at to see more of these outrageously beautiful and original creations by Zoey and David, who are currently collaborating with New Utopia Inc.for the 2016 LA Art Show Juxtapoz Magazine After Party.
DORA-AT-GUY-WEBSTERS-10-10-15I was honored and overjoyed to read poems from the scorched earth in front of renowned photographer Guy Webster’s amazing photos with some of my favorite people on the planet in Guy’s famous studio in Venice Beach, CA., while on the Flame, Fist and Dance tour in Los Angeles with Pat Payne, Sandra Hunter and akka b. Saturday October 10, 2015, Venice Beach, CA. Photo credit to Lisa Gizara.
10-6-15-MOORPARK-CAMPUS-PROMO-Me standing in front of sandwich board promotions for the Flame, Fist and Dance Tour event at Moorpark College as me, Pat Payne and Sandra Hunter walked the campus before our soundcheck. Thank you again to Svetlana Kasalovic for this gorgeous design! Tuesday, October 6, 2015. Moorpark College, Moorpark, CA. Photo credit to Sandra Hunter.
During the photo shoot for Dora's image to replace Jerry Sandusky's in the Inspiration Mural at Penn State, June 2012, Taos New Mexico. Photo credit: Erin EagletonDuring the photo shoot for Dora’s image to replace Jerry Sandusky’s in the Inspiration Mural at Penn State, June 2012, Taos New Mexico.
Photo credit: Erin Eagleton
Dora McQuaid and John NicholsDora and John Nichols, American author of The Milagro Bean Field War and many other novels, read together for the Society of The Muse of The Southwest (SOMOS) Summer Reading Series, July 2007, Taos NM.
Dora McQuaid and Doctor Masaru EmotoDora and Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Messages from Water, in Taos, NM, August 2009. I love that Dr. Emoto is wearing a “I Love Taos” Tshirt and a bottle of water is on the podium in front of us.
Dora McQuaid and Pat McCabe at SOMOSDora and Pat McCabe, known as Woman Stands Shining (Navajo) is an artist, writer, speaker and ceremonial leader. Dora and Pat read together read together as Women in Praise of The Sacred for the Society of The Muse of The Southwest (SOMOS) Summer Reading Series, August 2008.
Dora McQuaid and Thomas BuckleyDora and poet Thomas Buckley read together at the Stables Gallery in honor of the join art show of works by Dawn Chandler and Joan Livingston, August 2008. Photo credit to Steve Fox.
Dora McQuaid at the Harwood Museum of ArtDora reading to a packed house at The Harwood Museum, Taos NM, August 2007. Photo credit to Robin Collier of Cultural Energy.
The first photograph taken of Dora in front of her image in the Inspiration Mural, where her image replaced that of former Penn State Football Coach and convicted pedophile, Jerry Sandusky. This image was taken by the son of a former Penn State student of Dora’s, during Dora’s first time teaching at Penn State in 1991.

State College, PA, August 2012
Dora and Stella Rotaru von Kalweit, who is a native of Maldova of the Eastern Bloc. Stella worked for years rescuing women who were sold into human trafficking as sex slaves, returning them to their native countries and helping them to rebuild their lives after freeing them from the horror of forced prostitution. Stella and I first got to know each other through Michael Pilato, the artist who painted my image into Sandusky's place in the mural near Penn State, as Michael has also painted Stella into another portion of the World Mural in Europe in honor of her activism. Stella and I finally got to meet in person, in Taos, along with her lovely husband, Blaec, whom she met as they worked together in Europe to free women sex slaves and return them to their homes in Maldova.

Taos, NM July 2013
Michael Pilato of The Public Art Academy and The World Peace Mural, in front of The Inspiration Mural in State College, PA, joking together as he touches up my image replacing Sandusky’s in the mural near Penn State. Micahel embodies the intersection between Arts and Activism with his global efforts to use art as a means of community development and peace building.

State College, PA, August 2012.
Michael Pilato of The Public Art Academy and The World Peace Mural, in front of my image in The Inspiration Mural in State College, PA, August 2012. Michael and I have been friends since our Undergraduate days together. Watching his path unfold as it has continues to inspire me
Dora and Elizabeth Cunnignham at the book launch party and signing for The Remarkable Women of Taos book, including the profiles of the outstanding historic and contemporary women of Taos who were honored during the 2012 yearlong celebration, including Dora in the category of The Arts. Liz was the force behind The Remarkable Women of Taos campaign, and the editor of the book itself, which is available through Nighthawk Press.

KTAO Solar Center, Taos, NM July 25, 2013
Dora McQuaid with Gloria SteinemDora and Gloria Steinem, Penn State University, February 2002
Sage Institute Board Member, Dora, and Golden-Globe nominated actress and activist, Irene Bedard, co-hosting the national launch of Robby Romero's "Who's Gonna Save You" college tour. Presenters included environmental activists and innovators Robby Romero, Brad Hockmeyer, Mike Reynolds, Mark Goldman, Angelo Orion McHorse, Hillery Joy and musical guests Cruz Luhan and Robert Mirabal. Cosponsored by The Sage Institute for Environment, Creativity and Consciousness, The Harwood Museum of Art, The University of New Mexico - Taos, KTAO Solar Radio Station and Native Children's Survival. Supported by The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

The Harwood Museum of Art, Taos, NM, March 28, 2012
Photo credit and copyright, Jim Cox of Taos, NM
Dora with an amazing crew of amazing musicians: Max Gomez, Keith Sykes, Don Conoscenti, host and friend Gail Walsh, Bob Livingston (Lost Gonzo Band), and Buzz Cason after a packed house concert performed together in Gail's home in Taos. Dora did original poems and poems by Sufi mystic Rumi with Bob Livingston and Don Conoscenti. Taos, NM, September 10, 2012. Photo credit
and copyright to photographer Jim Cox of Taos, NM.
Dora after teaching her original workshop, The Alchemical Heart. 
Mount Shasta, CA, October 2012. Photo: Lani Phillips.
Dora McquaidDora reading at the 2011 Retreat for A Room of Her Own Foundation (AROHO), for which she awarded the 2011 New Mexico Woman Writer's Award.
Georgia O'Keeffe's Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM, August 2011. Photo: Jamie Clifford.
photosupdateDora speaks about one of her greatest passions and pursuits:
The Intersections between the Arts and Activism for the Summer Lecture Series at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Taos.

This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.
7:30 pm, Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
SMU – in – Taos Campus at Fort Burgwin, Taos, NM

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