Sage Institute for Creativity and Consciousness

I have served as Board member of Sage Institute since 2008, along with award-winning writers and teachers Sean Murphy and Mirabai Starr, among others.

“Sage Institute is dedicated to education in the areas of creative expression, environment, and human consciousness. Our areas of concern range from creative arts and literature to contemplative, meditative, and mindfulness practices, as well as the sciences, social sciences, and environmental/ecological preservation. We believe that creative study and investigation in the realm of human consciousness, as well as creative thinking, problem-solving, and action, provide the best hope for dealing with the many crises currently besetting human society and the earth. We are committed to a multicultural approach incorporating indigenous and traditional wisdom traditions as well as research in science, environment, and human consciousness.

The Council for Hope and Healing

Dora is a founding member of The Council for Hope and Healing, which “was formed in 2012 to use interactive art to create awareness and educate society about sexual abuse and the essential need for prevention. Our goal is to use art to empower and inspire individuals to take action. We are committed to promoting principles to help guide individuals and communities to protect children.”

Dr. Gary Altrichter, Doctor of Divinity and Awakening Coach

Gary is a dear friend, revolutionary spiritual teacher and life-changing coach, with whom I have worked for over a year, whose presence, perspective and teachings have had a tremendous impact not only on me but also on clients from all over the world for decades. Working with and learning from Gary has been nothing less than life-altering and life-affirming for me, in more ways than I can adequately articulate.

Three By Five Storytelling Project with Jennifer Rickards

Jennifer Rickards is the creator of this brilliant storytelling project, which uses 3×5 notecards to collect anonymous stories of moments that have changed people’s lives. Jen also happens to be one of my dearest friends, whom I met in Sixth Grade Reading Class when we bonded over Shakespeare’s line: To be or not to be, that is the question… Jen and I have been asking and answering many of life’s questions with one other for decades now and I’m excited to support her efforts with Three By Five, which I love. The stories are obviously brief, but riveting and resonant, and the array of them speaks to the power of one moment to change us.

Join the lineup of stories by sharing anonymously a small moment that has altered the path of your life by recording it on a 3”x5” notecard and mail it to:

PO BOX 308, ETNA, NH 03750

Steven Gootgeld/Agent of Change: Thought Into Form

An internationally awarded artist for over 24 years, Steve is creator and founder of Agent of Change: Thought Into Form. The project’s vision is “Building relationships based on core truths identifying with Source, we evolve, accelerate and manifest creative ideas for the benefit of ourselves and the planet.”

Steve believes that life, through consciousness, precipitates out of the quantum vacuum. The success of social evolution is based on leadership which employs honed intuitive and listening talents, knowledge of continuously adding value, and banks on sacred economics and conscious capitalism. The common thread of all new ideas are to sustainably increase personal and community value. Established ideas are re-evaluated for personal and community vision and evolution. High level creative conversations result in positive change affecting hundreds, thousands and millions of people.

Judy Walgren, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Photojournalist, Warrior-Woman

Judy, like her photography, is amazing: Bared, honest, compelling and utterly unflinching. Judy is a renowned, veteran photojournalist, with an astonishing array of assignments, awards and honors. She was part of a team of journalists at the Dallas Morning News that received the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting for their series on violent human rights abuses against women worldwide. Her other honors include an Award of Excellence from the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation, The Harry Chapin World Hunger Award, The Barbara Jordan Award and the APME Photojournalism Award, among others.

Judy took a few of the black-and-white shots on my old website during a trip we took to NYC in 2003. The cover photo of the documentary short film about my work, One Woman’s Voice, taken in front of the New York Public Library, was one of those shots. Judy remains not only a dear friend but an inspiration to me, as she was when we first met in Taos, NM over 15 years ago.

Michael Pilato / The Public Art Academy

Famed mural artist Michael Pilato and The Public Art Academy made the decision to have my image replace that of Jerry Sandusky in the Inspirations Mural in State College, PA, where Penn State is located. I am honored beyond words to have my image in the mural, replacing that of Sandusky’s, in honor of my years of activism addressing both sexual and domestic violence. Thank you, Michael, for the inspiration you embody as global artist and an activist, your commitment to community service and development and the many blessings our years of friendship have offered. see his work at and see his TEDx PSU Talk, in which he discusses the Inspirations Mural in depth, at

The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos, New Mexico

The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of Taos, New Mexico, established in 1954, is one of the oldest artist residence programs in the United States with the mission to “Support the artist and the creative process”. Located on 15 acres in the heart of Taos, a four-hundred-year-old multicultural community renowned for its popularity with artists, the Foundation offers three months of rent-free and utility-pain housing that serves as a haven for visual artists, literary artists and music composers of national and international origin. My time as a Fellow at The Wurlitzer Foundation in 2008 was life-altering.

Equine Spirit Sanctuary

The Equine Spirit Sanctuary is a non-profit, volunteer-based healing center that believes in responsible horse care and ownership. ESS is dedicated to the safety and welfare of all equines and, through a program combining rescue, rehabilitation, relocation or permanent retirement with education, serves to establish a healthy connection between equines and humans. Ruth Bourgeois, the ESS founder and director, is a continual inspiration to me for her dedication and how she handles both horses and humans.

Webster’s Bookstore Café,

133 East Beaver Avenue, State College, PA

Webster’s offers a full café menu of local, organic foods, vintage vinyl, over 100,00 second-hand books, a gallery, and an ongoing performances schedule that makes Webster’s the CENTRAL community gathering spot. Owner Elaine Meder-Wilgus, proves again and again that she is a creative force of nature, as is her husband, the guitarist and designer, Mighty-Mighty Bill Wilgus. 
Elaine and Bill supported me through many years of unfolding and continue to have my deep gratitude. My poem, The Dream Before Us, was written for them on their wedding day.

Chris Nelson – Web Master, Designer, Photographer

Chris was responsible for the management of my website for years. I’m grateful to Chris for initially creating the site and managing it for me with such generosity and expertise for 5 years.

Bob Klotz – Producer, Sound Engineer

Bob is responsible for the first production of the 2002 compact disc, the scorched earth: spoken, which is the companion to my first book, the scorched earth. Although that earlier version of the CD is no longer available, I’m grateful to Bob for all of the ways in which he made it possible years ago.

Andy Tolins – Bluesman of the highest order

Andy recorded the majority of the 2002 version of my compact disc,the scorched earth: spoken and has supported me over the years with a huge heart. Huge gratitude for that support and for his music, which makes me want to only dance.


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