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Former California Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky was voted to be recalled from the bench by 59 percent of the Santa Clara County, California voters. He is the first judge in 86 years to be recalled.

Aaron Persky was the judge who sentenced convicted rapist Brock Tuner to 6 MONTHS for crimes that could have delivered a sentence of up to 14 YEARS, after Turner was unanimously convicted of THREE FELONY counts of sexual assault in 2016. Persky’s sentencing, which he justified as an effort to “protect” Turner from the impact of prison, resulted in immediate, international public outrage that only intensified when Turner was released from county jail after serving only 3 months of his 6 month sentence.

On June 6, 2016 I posted about the movement by several groups demanding the removal of Persky from the bench: REMOVE JUDGE PERSKY FROM THE BENCH – STANFORD RAPIST SENTENCING

Read the NPR article about the recall of Persky here.

It took two years to accomplish, but Aaron Persky is no longer serving on the bench in Santa Clara County, California, showing that judges who perpetuate rape culture by not upholding the law with convicted sexual offenders cannot remain in office any longer.

All peace to each one of you today.

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