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I voted today, walking in with my mom in my heart because her health issues have her in fulltime care in a nursing home. When I spoke with her last night, she was anxious about the outcome of today’s election and all that hangs in its balance for the four years ahead. I told her I’d bring her in to vote with me, in my heart, and that we’d vote together. After I cast my ballot, I asked the volunteer at the polling place for two stickers, one for me and one for my beautiful mom. I explained to the volunteers, all women, that my mom had fought for women all of her life and raised her only daughter to fight, as graciously as possible, too.

Today was for my mom and me and for the women who fought for us to have this right to participate and influence our own lives. Love and grace to hold every one of us as the election results come in tonight.

All peace, beautiful people. Dora

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